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Dave Belovsky

Equipment Remanufacturing


We have collated a small selection of photographs showing the condition of machines when we have received them from our customers, and the same machine after it has been refurbished.

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Global is your best source for reliable, high quality, cost effective repair/refurbish service for your Marseco equipment. No one knows this equipment better than the people at Global. All machines ship with a six month guarantee on all labor performed.

We would only do it one way, and this is the 10 step guarantee as follows:

  1. Dis-assemble the system completely and prepare a comprehensive and detailed report on our findings including "cause of failures" as diagnosed.
  2. Sand-blast, re-weld or replace if necessary, and re-paint the metal frame, all motors, electrical box, etc.
  3. Clean and inspect all the parts. Process all parts thru the machine shop and inspection for compliance to Global specifications and tolerances. Note: Each and every part must be checked and approved. If one out-of-tolerance part is used, it can cause otherwise good parts to wear out sooner, thus causing machine failure at a very early stage.
  4. Clean and inspect all electrical including motor wiring, push button panel wiring and ammeters, electrical panel wiring, and overall wiring of the complete system, making sure each starter and overload is sized properly. Replace as needed.
  5. Re-assemble the system completely, checking "frame diagonal", and mounting the side decks "diagonally and parallel" with the frame to the proper and stringent Global specifications. A very critical step and potentially costly procedure to re-do if not done correctly.
  6. Pre-check and pre-start up procedures consisting of internal conveyor plate alignment, aluminum slide support alignment front to back, and parallel alignment of drive to idle side, as well as checking all related and critical parts throughout the entire machine.
  7. Hook up high voltage and test mechanical and electrical, dialing in the back-up rolls and leveling the machine prior to wet test.
  8. "Mechanically" final test the system completely under load, checking the strike pattern of the brushes, checking the bearing housing and brush shafts. Then checking the throw of the oscillation. Going thru the adjustments of the brush adjustment motors to the motor couplings to the threaded shafts, to the barrel nuts to the bearing housing slides, making sure there is no play what so ever. Then check out the conveyor system completely making sure the drive gears, shafts, slide bushings, shim washers, snap rings are all in place. Working your way back to the rinse section, making sure the nozzles are clear and the tubes are in good shape and spraying in the proper direction. This also goes for the drying section, air knives may have to be stripped and re sealed, as well as aligned properly.
  9. Clean and re-assemble outer PVC covers, repairing or replacing as needed. Some customers want new covers as a special order.
  10. Final acceptance test for compliance to Global specification of mechanical, electrical and plastic prior to approval for shipment to the customer.
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Remanufactured Deburrer
Remanufactured Scrubber
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